So you have started your blog. Published awesome articles. Created high-value freebies.
Now started working hard on getting traffic, growing email list and making money.
What if implementing a simple strategy that will bring in some money while getting traffic and growing list?
What if you create something today, and that can fetch you a fair amount of money every day?
In today’s post, I am going to share with you a simple strategy I implemented that helped me make some money every single day.
Friends!! I am talking about creating a Simple Tripwire Sales Funnel.


A Tripwire is a low priced offer (which is usually less than $30) to a visitor that has just signed up for one of your free lead magnets on your site.
The offer is usually a one-time-offer that can only be accessed on that page (thank you for subscription page) or is a timed offer that is only available for a few minutes or hours.
Instead of redirecting recent subscriber to the freebie immediately or to a thank you page, I gave them a quick one time offer. This is a win-win for both of us! They get a nice deal and I get passive income. Cool right?
The main objective of tripwire offer is to turn the new subscriber into a buyer as soon as possible.
The logic is a person who has bought once from you is likely to buy from you again. The tripwire is an impulse buy that seems too good to miss out on.
It’s a no-brainer purchase and something the subscriber knows they want and need.

Why are tripwires so effective?

  • They are low priced products(Priced Between $5 – $27)
  • They are limited time offer. Giving people the urgency of only 15 minutes along with a low price point is really a no-brainer for those people that just hate to wait.
  • These products aren’t available anywhere else.

How to set this Tripwire Funnel

There are five key components in this funnel
  • A Killer freebie
  • Sign up form in blog Post Or a landing page
  • Tripwire Product
  • Tripwire Page
  • Thank you Page

Your Irresistible freebie

This can be an ebook, email course, or really anything that you think your audience would feel is very valuable.
The tripwire product you are planning to offer should be highly relevant to your niche and your freebie. This way you know that those that are opting in are interested in that subject.

A Signup Form Or Landing Page

I hope you already have a Sign-up Form for your Optin Freebie.
Use enticing headlines and persuading button text to increase sign ups.
So create a sign-up form that is totally in line with your brand. Mailerlite allows you to customize the colors, fonts and buttons of all your sign up forms as well.
You can also create an opt-in graphic that will visually appeal to your audience and urge them to sign up and download your content upgrade!
I recommend you to create a Landing Page for your freebie. This will help you to promote your freebie directly through social media platforms. Also, it will increase the conversion rate.

What can you Offer as a Tripwire Product?

You can offer anything you want. It can be an ebook, a workbook, planner, templates, e-course…. Its upto you what to offer.
If the offer fits well with the freebie and with your niche, it will convert higher. Test out different products with different price and see what works best for your audience!

Don’t have a product yet?

Don’t worry, you can reach out to the owner of a product you’re an affiliate for. You can ask for a discount coupon code. Promote it as your tripwire product.
Else promote an affiliate product through your tripwire page and offer an incentive like giving access to your Facebook group, or an exclusive freebie or some other bonus.

How do you deliver your tripwire product?

There are multiple ways to send your product,
  • For digital downloads use a tool like SendOwl to complete the purchase and deliver the product. You can try SendOwl for $9/month if you are planning to sell only tripwire product. And later change the plan to get advanced options.
  • For an online course, you can use Teachable to give access. Click here to start your Teachable School for free.
  • Set up an automation in MailerLite so when the purchase is made they are sent an email with instructions on how to access or download the product. Click here start with MailerLite and get your first 1000 subscribers free.

Create your Tripwire Page

Let’s look at the four main components of a tripwire page
  • Give clear instructions to the reader about where’s the download they signed up for? Why are they on this page?
  • Grab their attention immediately with an enticing headline. When someone signs up for your freebie, they are not expecting that they will be offered something to purchase. So you have to write a headline that captures their attention and convince them that they really have to invest in the product.
  • A quick personal Video (not mandatory, but gives an added benefit). This will help to give a personal touch to your offer.
  • A short sales page. Describe what is included and the main benefits.
  • A mock-up or visual of what your offer looks like is extremely powerful.
  • A timer to make it clear that this is a one-time offer. A ticking timer drives that impulse buy. The timer can be set for 15 – 20 min.

Don’t want to design your own tripwire page? You can get this done with Bluchic Landing Page Templates.

Here’s how each of these elements is presented on a sample Bluchic one-time offer/trip wire sales page

Create a Thank You Page

When the reader allows the timer to run out redirect the page to a Thank You page. You can include your most popular posts if you wish.

Let’s connect the various components together and make it as a successful Tripwire Funnel

>> Connect your signup page to your tripwire page
>> Link your thank you page to the countdown timer to redirect to it when reader allows the timer to run out.
Now Promote..promote….Promote….

Tips for promotion

>>Create multiple Pin graphic for the blog post with CTA Image – I use Canva and Picmonkey to create Pin images.
>>Create Multiple Pin Images for the landing page. Make sure to include mock-ups of the freebie.
>>Promote it through your own board and group boards.
>>Use a scheduler to automate the promotion. I use Tailwind and Boardbooster for Pinterest automation.
>>Promote it through Facebook Groups Promo Days. (Click here to get my list of 60+ Facebook groups and its Promo days)
>>Create Twitter cards
If you want to check out my tripwire you can opt-in below. Right now it is the $7 tripwire.