If you have read my other posts, you might have got to know that I am a huge fan off affiliate marketing.
It is the most simple and effective way of making passive income from your blog.
No investment, less effort, and huge income potential!!!
That is the specialty of affiliate marketing.
Bloggers like Pat Flnn from Smart Passive Income and Michelle from Making sense of cents are great examples. They make more than 50% of their income from affiliate marketing. And both of them are making almost $100k every month.
In today’s post I am going to teach you how you can earn affiliate income through Pinterest.
You might already know that Pinterest is a search engine like Google. The only difference is it’s totally visual.
Whether you have very little idea how to use Pinterest, or you’re already a Pinterest pro, if you want to make money online using Pinterest, you’ve come to the right place.
Let’s Begin

Step #1 – Join Affiliate Program

If you are starting with affiliate marketing, I would recommend you to make a list of 5 -10 products relevant to your niche. These can be tools, digital downloads like e-books or work books, e-courses or anything else you can think of.
Some affiliate program you can start with are:
  • Your Hosting Company
  • Your Email Service Provider
  • Social Media Scheduler you use
  • Your Blog Theme
  • E-books and E-courses you bought
  • Other tools
You also can join affiliate networks. Aim to choose affiliate networks your audience would appreciate.
  • ShareASale: affiliate programs including Tailwind and Etsy ($50 minimum payout)
  • Awin: affiliate programs including Etsy and Godaddy($20 minimum payout)
  • Amazon Affiliates: wide selections for all sorts of products ($10 minimum payout)
  • Creative Market: affiliate program for digital products including themes and graphics ($20 minimum payout)
If you want the detailed list of specific affiliate programs you can join, click the button below to download the massive list of affiliates for every niche.

Step # 2 – Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Once you join the right affiliate networks, make sure your Pinterest profile is fully set up.
Create boards related to the products: According to the type of products you are planning to promote, create boards. This way, you know that people with a specific interest are following a particular board. Use relevant keywords for your board titles. Eg:- Best Blogging Tools, Best learning Tools, Kitchen appliances, Trendy handbags etc..
Add keyword rich description to your boards:-To really ensure your pins are seen long-term, make your boards keyword friendly.
If you really want to maximize your Pinterest game, you’ll love my Smart Pinning strategy.

Step # 3 – Join applicable Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are boards with more than one collaborator. In other words, more than one person contributes to pinning on the board.
By joining a group board, that group’s audience essentially becomes your audience. Once you are invited and become a contributor to the group board, the pins you pin to that board can be seen by anyone following the board.
The owner (the person who created the board) sets the rules for the group board (which can be found in the description). Some boards do not allow contributors to promote affiliate pins.
I recommend you to create a list of group boards you are in which allow affiliate pins. This will help you to make your promotion process easier.
I actually have a list of over 150 Pinterest group boards categorized by niche. Download it now and apply for an invite.
(click here for access)

Step #4 – Create Promotional Pins

By now you have your own Pinterest boards set up, and you’re a part of some group boards. The next step is create enticing product pins to attract people.
Create multiple images (2-3 images).
For example, if you are promoting an e-book, the author would have already provided you an image for promotion. But don’t limit yourself there. Create your own images with different related headlines.
Now Upload Pins to Pinterest. If you wish you can create a secret board for all your affiliate product pins.
Don’t forget to create descriptions rich with relevant keywords. Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so by writing a description full of keywords you increase the likelihood of your pins to be seen.
And when you create a pin, follow these two other simple rules:
  • Don’t use short links.
  • Disclose that the link is an affiliate link.

Step # 5 – Create your Promotional Strategy

You can promote your affiliate Pins by pinning it to your own relevant boards and to group boards.

Promote through Own Boards

If you post products to your own personal boards, I recommend using Boardbooster‘s looping tool.
Basically, you can set boards for Boardbooster to “loop.” Then, they cycle through your pins and repin them to the board. While setting up the looping function, you can opt for deleting the pin with less engagement. This ensures your board always pins content and makes your pins to that board more likely to go viral.

Promote through Group Boards

Now promote your pins to the Group boards which allow affiliate pins.
I use Tailwind to schedule my Pins. Tailwind makes making money from Pinterest practically effortless. You can use their Board Lists feature to group together boards.
I have created a board called “Affiliate Product Promo”, and while scheduling an affiliate Pin, I directly choose that board. I schedule product pin and create intervals in between pins. This ensures that my pins are posted (and thus seen) over a longer period of time.
If you haven’t tried Tailwind before, click here for a free trial of your first 100 pins.

Add Pins to Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind has an amazing feature called tailwind tribes. It is somewhat like Pinterest group boards. Tailwind Tribes are a feature totally and 100% free (Available only for Tailwind users).
I also add my Promote my pins to few Tribes which allows Affiliate Pins (Like Pinterest Group, Tailwind Tribe also has rules to follow).
Remember that in order for Tailwind Tribes to be effective, you should be sharing others’ content. It’s a win-win situation because you get great content to repin (which helps your Pinterest algorithm), and your pins will receive shares.
You can also use the Boardbooster feature random campaign to promote your Pins to group boards.
  • Create A random campaign
  • Name your campaign something like “Affiliate Products to top boards” so that you remember what it’s for.
  • Grab the URLs for your affiliate Pins.
  • Save the URL under the “list of pins” tab in your new campaign in BoardBooster.
  • Next, find the top 3 or 4 top-performing group boards that you’re a member of. You can view the group board stats in BoardBooster by going to Reports >> Board Performance. You’ll be able to see your top performing group boards.
  • Choose the top boards Head back over to your BoardBooster campaign, and find those top boards by clicking “add board” the green button.
  • This will take you to a screen that shows all your boards. Select the boards from the list and click “submit”.
You have created your campaign.
Wanna try Boardbooster? So go ahead and try out their free trial now!


Making money from Pinterest is not at all a difficult task. If you have an optimized profile, killer graphics with keyword rich description and a strategy to use group board, it wont take much time to start generating passive income from Pinterest.
Are you already making money via Pinterest? Let me know, what are your tips?