Have you ever read any blog income report of successful bloggers or influencers to find out how do they make money?
Then you must be definitely noticed that they earn a good percentage of their income from affiliate marketing
Now you may have many questions in your mind like
What is this so-called affiliate marketing?
How does It work?
How to make money from affiliate marketing?
How much money can I earn from affiliate marketing?

SO what is affiliate marketing?

It is a process of earning a commission through promoting and selling a company or individual’s product.
In simple words, you refer a product you like to your reader and earn a commission when your reader purchase it through your link.
This is a win – win for
You – because you earned a commission
Reader – learned about the product from you and invested on it
The company – they have a new sale

Why choose affiliate marketing for making money from blog?

Affiliate marketing is the most simple and lucrative way of making passive income. The main benefits of affiliate marketing are:
  • No investment required to join.
  • It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to get started with generating income in your business.
  • Your earning potential is unlimited! Meaning you do the work once and can continue to make commissions on the product for years to come.
  • You have full control over what kind of products you want to promote.
  • You’re selling a product that is already popular in the market, therefore proven as sellable.
  • You can track the sale, so it is easy to improvise the strategy.
  • No minimum page views required to join.

4 parties involved in affiliate marketing

The merchant Creator of the product. It can be a company like Siteground or a mom selling her e-book like Suzi from start a mom blog.
Affiliate Network It is like a common market place for a number of merchants. Eg;- Shareasale & Amazon Associates.
The Affiliate This party is known as publisher in most of the affiliate networks. Thwy can be individuals like you and me Or companies. They are the people who convince that the product is worth buying.
The consumer These are the end users of the product.

How do affiliate commissions work?

There are three types of ways you can earn your commissions:
Percentage of the Sale: This is when you receive a set percentage of the sale of the product. Before you join the affiliate program, it will tell you the percentage amount. You’ll find that percentages will be higher for digital products (around 25% – 50%) as opposed to physical products (around 4% – 8%).
Commission Per Lead: This is where you get paid a fixed amount when the company or product you’re promoting acquires your customer as a new lead. That is signing up for an account but didn’t necessarily purchase. Eg:- Shareasale pays you $1 for every lead you refer that signs up to the company.
A Fixed Amount: This is where you will receive a set commission regardless of how much the product costs. This agreement is made in the beginning when you join the program, and is usually quite a good amount. i.e Siteground offers $65 commission on any hosting plan that’s purchased through your link.

What is an affiliate cookie?

How does Affiliate marketing work:


Step#1 – Choose Programs To Promote

If you are starting with affiliate marketing, I would recommend you to make a list of 5 -10 products relevant to your niche. These can be tools, digital downloads like e-books or workbooks, e-courses or anything else you can think of.
Some affiliate program you can start with are:
  • Your Hosting Company
  • Your Email Service Provider
  • Social Media Scheduler you use
  • Your Blog Theme
  • E-books and E-courses you bought
  • Other tools you use
You also can join affiliate networks. Aim to choose affiliate networks your audience would appreciate.
  • ShareASale: affiliate programs including Tailwind and Etsy ($50 minimum payout)
  • Awin: affiliate programs including Etsy and Godaddy($20 minimum payout)
  • Ultimate Bundles : here are bundles for a variety of niches, including fitness, blogging, entrepreneurship, healthy living, and even travel (you get 40% commission)
  • Amazon Affiliates: wide selections for all sorts of products ($10 minimum payout)
  • Creative Market: affiliate program for digital products including themes and graphics ($20 minimum payout)
If you want the detailed list of specific affiliate programs you can join, click the button below to download the massive list of affiliates for every niche

Step#2 – Creating Content With Affiliate Links

The second step is to write high quality post to promote your affiliate products.
One of the best types of posts that you can write to make money with affiliate programs is a tutorial. The most effective tutorial post would be benefit oriented tutorial. Show your readers how you use something, what benefit you are getting out of it or why you love it.
Here are a few types of posts you want to consider writing:
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Comparison
  • Resources List
  • Videos
  • Write a post that shows your before and after results
  • Gift guides
  • Case studies
  • List posts or roundups
Simply writing a blog post will not help you making affiliate sales. People will not buy something suggested by a stranger.
You have to gain the trust of your readers. It is possible with only one way. Giving tons of value. If your readers feels that you are genuinely helping them, then they are more likely to trust you and purchase something you suggest.
It is like you are building a friendship with your reader. When you build a relationship with your readers, they will trust you and they value what you recommend.

Step#3 – Create A Promotion Plan

Okay, so you’ve selected affiliate programs to promote and wrote high quality content with affiliate links.
How will you bring in people to your site? How are you going to promote these products?
There are probably countless ways to do so, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Promote through social media

  • Create multiple pinnable images for all of your affiliate posts.
  • Pin these images to any relevant group boards or personal boards.
  • Use An Automation tool to promote your affiliate posts
  • Promote it on your Facebook page
  • Add your posts to promotional threads in Facebook group
  • Do a Facebook live showing how affiliate product helped you to get the result
  • Create multiple tweets and promote it in Twitter

Optimize Site

  • Add banners to your site
  • Create a resource page for your blog.

Email Newsletter

  • Send affiliate promotions to your mailing list
  • Write a series of emails related to the affiliate product
  • Seasonal promotional emails (Eg:-Black Friday deals)

Step#4 – Track your analytics

In order to increase the amount of money you make from affiliate programs, you need to keep track of what works and doesn’t work with your readers.
Utilize the stats provided by your affiliate companies. It is extremely useful to know how many people click on a link and complete the purchase, and how many people click on it and leave your site.
I use a spreadsheet to keep a track of all my affiliate programs and planning monthly goals and promotional strategies.


The combination of affiliate marketing and blogging is a great way to make money by telling others about products you love. When we love something, we rave about it. And of course we share our opinion with our friends. They take your opinion and buy that product. That’s how affiliate marketing works.
If you don’t have a blog yet, I have written a step by step tutorial on how to get started with your profitable blog.
What are your strategies for making money with affiliate programs? Comment below.
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