Do you have a blog & business?

Are you planning to expand your business?

Do you feel you do not have enough time to everything you want to do?

Have you ever wondered thinking that how other women managing their 9-6 job and a business, bloggers publishing 2 blog posts per week, promoting their posts in 2-3 social media, doing FB live, conducting webinar, creating own products….

Are they getting extra hours every day?

It’s all because they manage their time wisely and effectively.

Time management is a skill, but like any other skill, it takes practice. However, in this case, the practice may not always make perfect.

Time management is something that work-at-home moms may never completely master because life is always changing.

When you’ve finally got one big time waster in check, something else inevitably pops up.

But don’t get discouraged.

Today we got 4 lady bosses sharing their tips to manage time effectively and efficiently.

Michael Custer –

I like to look over the whole week on Sunday to figure out what will need to be done.  I have teenagers, so I can never guarantee that a wrench will not get thrown into the system.  My schedule can change up some too, so I look at it again every night.  I keep all of our schedules on Google calendar so that I have it with me at all times.  I check with the kids in the evening to make sure nothing new has come up.  I take pictures of any important schedules or handouts to keep on my phone too. They do not do me any good if they are still in the refrigerator when I actually need them.  I have a better and more relaxed week if I know what to expect before it starts, then I can better handle the emergencies that tend to rise to the surface.

Megan Senese –

As a full-time working mama with a freelance business, I try to take advantage of pockets of time that I have away from my family so when I am home I can be fully present. Below are my tips that work for me and my family:

Master your To-Do list: – Every day I lay-out my todo list on a (very high-tech) yellow sticky note and work through each item, feeling satisfied as I cross each item off and keeps me focused on one day at a time.

Getting Organized: – My personal business meetings and my work meetings are combined on my phone’s calendar so I can keep track of the dual roles all of us mamas have!

Take your commute to the next level: – I use my 45-minute commute each way on the train to respond to work emails, schedule meetings and promote on my resume business from my phone.

Working it 9-5: I bring my lunch from home every day, so I don’t have to waste time out of the office searching for food and work straight through my lunch so I can leave work on time to be home for bedtime.

Afterhours: – Like all mamas, I wait for after LO’s bedtime for catching up on work, my business, and binge-watching Netflix.

Brittany Dixon –

 One of the top tips I pass on to my clients regarding time management is always give yourself “buffer time”. Whatever task you are doing ALWAYS add extra time. A lot of the time people do not get their tasks done because they do not allow themselves enough time to actually accomplish the task before moving on to the next task or appointment. To go along with this for any appointments you have to drive to – add in drive time before and after. A lot of people make the mistake of piling appointments on top of each other and not thinking about how long they need before and after. Same goes for client appointments – allow time before to prepare and time after to recap. Attach an approximate time to complete to all of your tasks and projects. This allows you to better plan your day and week!

Sarah Joy-

Get a good agenda, one that makes you want to write in it. When you’re listing what you need to do that day, make sure you include the little things, like going for a walk or writing in your journal. In other words, list things that make you feel good that you know you need to know anyway. Do them. When they’re done, cross them off the list. I find that the more I do this, the more things I get done in a day because crossing off items, even small ones, is very rewarding.

Also related, but remember to switch gears. Can’t work on a paper? Work on your blog post, clean the room you’re in, do some food prep. Do other things that are important but not be as stressful as the task at hand. The same concept applies here: The more you get accomplished, the more you’ll want to keep accomplishing.”

Let’s recap

  1. Create a plan at the weekend
  2. Keep your plan handy
  3. Prepare your to do list
  4. Be organized
  5. Utilize your commute time in a productive way
  6. Give time for self
  7. Add a buffer time for each task to do it successfully
  8. Create an agenda

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Are you looking for ways to manage your time more effectively? Try these time management tips! These simple time management strategies help organize your time allowing you to get more done while minimizing distractions.


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