Are you looking for ways to manage your time more effectively? Try these time management tips! These simple time management strategies help organize your time allowing you to get more done while minimizing distractions.

Have you ever wondered thinking that how other mommy bloggers are publishing 2 blog posts per week, promoting their posts in 2-3 social media, doing FB live, conducting webinar, creating own products….

Are they getting extra hours every day? With the same 1,440 minutes in a day and 168 hours per week like what you have, how are they managing their time to grow their blog/Biz while taking care of the kids?
It’s all because they manage their time wisely and effectively.
Time management is a skill, but like any other skill, it takes practice. However, in this case, the practice may not always make perfect.
Don’t get me wrong. Time management is something that work-at-home moms may never completely master because life is always changing.
When you’ve finally got one big time waster in check, something else inevitably pops up.
But don’t get discouraged. These tips for time management can help you become more productive at work and pinpoint your time management problems before they get out of hand.

Know yourself and Family

No time management tip works for everyone because we all have different styles and weaknesses when it comes to organizing our time. Some of us may have to learn to stop procrastinating while others need to carve out a distraction-free workspace to get anything done.
Develop a set of work-at-home ground rules that factor in the personality and ages of your children.
If you have a newborn at home, for first 6 months you need to pay more attention to him. But you actually get more time for your work.
If you have a toddler at home, then you might have to spend more time with your kid. Because it is the time your kid starts experimenting each and everything he sees and hears. So you might get time for your work only when he sleeps.

Have clearly defined hours of business

The most important thing to do if you are working from home is to decide what time you are planning to allocate for your Job/Blog/Biz. Being a mom I know that it is difficult to have fixed working hours every day. But I would suggest you find out how much time you can spend on your blog per day.
Here is my schedule for your reference


I usually get up an hour early before everyone else at home so that I get some time for my blog without any distraction. I spend that time for FB group promotion, reading email and blog commenting.
My baby takes nap for 1.5 – 2.0 hours in the afternoon. I use this time to write blog post, brainstorming blog post ideas and creating social media image.
I make sure to stay awake for an extra 1 hour in the night (not every night) to finish off other activities.
This way I get an average of 3 hours every weekday.


Saturday I use 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours of my baby’s naptime and I get another 1-2 hours when my hubby takes care of our little champ.
Sunday’s I spend only my baby’s naptime for my work. Rest of the time I spend with my family.

Set Realistic Expectations

Time management is about getting all your daily duties completed in a reasonable amount of time. Set daily goals for yourself for both your work and home life that allow you to enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
If you follow To Do List like me, make sure you understand your priorities, and then create the list.
If you have too many tasks in your to-do list, then you probably not going to finish all of those.
Be honest with yourself and your priorities. Create a list which is achievable and has a proper plan to achieve it.
Don’t set goals that will be impossible to reach.

Designate time for each task

When you plan your day, make sure you allocate required time to complete each task. I would suggest you allocate 10-15 min more than what it actually takes.
It’s because when you are working from home, there could be distractions which are not in your control. For example, there could be some technical issues, your kids might call you for something, or your neighbor might visit your home. So be prepared.
And one important thing is to avoid multitasking. Many working mothers think they can save time by multitasking.
However, multitasking has its drawbacks when you try to complete two physical tasks at once. For example, don’t try to prepare your food while helping your kids do their homework.
Multitasking, however, can be effective if you choose to complete only one physical task at a time, such as making a long-awaited phone call to your childhood friend while ironing.

Use Tools and Applications

Make sure you are never behind. Always make sure that you have scheduled things for at least for the next two weeks.
Spreadsheet (I use Excel): – I keep a few spreadsheets to manage the majority of my digital life. I have a spreadsheet for our family budget, financial information, business expenses, business accounts, important dates, and a family/friends mailing list.
Evernote: It is a powerful tool. I use Evernote to write down random notes throughout the day and keep track of my daily to-do list. I find this app the easiest to access on the go.
Paper Planner:- I love writing. I use this to create my basic to-do list.
Tailwind :– I use tailwind to scheduling my blog post promotion on Pinterest
Buffer:- I use it for promoting my blog posts on Facebook page


Believe me, you can “get it all done” in the time you’ve got, and have sweet moments of freedom left over. All you need to do is implement a few smart rules upon your daily routine.
What are your awesome tips for effective time management? Please comment below.
Are you looking for ways to manage your time more effectively? Try these time management tips! These simple time management strategies help organize your time allowing you to get more done while minimizing distractions.

Author: Soumya

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