If you are new to blogging or you have not considered using Pinterest as part of your blogging strategy then this is the time to do so. Pinterest is the platform where you will be able to grow your business especially if you are thinking of making money from your blog.

Simply setting up of your account will not get you the desired result.  You need to make your brand recognizable in Pinterest world.

Don’t worry. I will tell you few tips to BRAND YOUR PINTEREST ACCOUNT and get more followers thereby more traffic and income.

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Do you have a blog? Or are you planning to start your blog? If your answer is yes, then this article is gonna help you to grow your blog.

As a blogger, it is a MUST to have a Pinterest account. Why it is a must is because it the world of Visual Marketing and Pinterest is the BEST social media Platform to market your Blog+Biz.

The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways.

You don’t wanna miss the opportunity. Right?

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Did you create your blog? What is next? Attracting readers to your excellent blog posts.

Would you like to drive more traffic to your blog from Facebook?

Do you have any strategy to promote your blog on Facebook? Yet to find out?

No worries… In this article, I will give my secret strategies for getting traffic through Facebook.

Let’s get started!


The first step in Blog Promotion on Facebook is creating a Facebook Page for your blog (Fan Page). By creating a Facebook fan page,

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To make money blogging it does take time. You should not expect to make a full-time income overnight.

The ability to make money, in the beginning, lies on page views. It depends on how many people visit your website. As your blog grow, your page views will also grow. And the number of potential customers will also grow.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. I have listed those which most bloggers are using.


This is the most obvious way to make money with a website or a blog. Unless you have thousands and thousands of pageviews each month you can earn a reasonable money as ad revenue.

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Once you set up your website and brand, the next phase is to get the ideal readers coming to the blog. You need to collaborate with other bloggers, have few blogging friends to grow your online presence.

As a beginner, blogging can be very daunting if you don’t know how to be successful in this endeavor.

If you are ready to put a little more effort, then getting traffic to your blog is not as tough as you think.

Here are the basics tips you can do (immediately, and over time) to increase your traffic.

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